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Like ING in the Netherlands, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, as well as the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) etc. have decided to provide loans for the expansion of Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant to be constructed in Indonesia. However, as many of you know, this project has a track record of human rights violations against local residents besides running contrary to promised targets under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. But moreover, the local courts have identified illegalities in the project, and yet the project is proceeding with international financial support.
We urge you all to tell not only the European banks but also the Japanese banks to stop the loans immediately.

Stop human rights violations.

Stop climate change.

Stop the illegal power plant construction.

Stop financing the Cirebon Project

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Dear Bank,

 I recognize you, the bank, have decided to provide loans for Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant Expansion Project in Indonesia. Due to the following reasons, I would like to express strong objections and urge you to withdraw any loans from this project.

 1. Violation of Indonesian laws.

An Indonesian court has already declared the revocation of the environmental permit for the Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant Expansion. This signifies that there have been illegalities identified in the planned project. However, the local government renewed the environmental permit through opaque processes without public consultation, which itself is a violation on the principle of “Free and Prior Informed Consent”. I understand that the loan disbursement decision has been made based on this new environmental permit. However, on December 4, 2017, local residents have already filed legal action regarding the renewed permit. With the apparent lack of legal due process in the renewed environmental permit, this project is highly likely to have its permit revoked by the courts again.

 2. Human rights abuses.

The existing Cirebon Coal-fired Power Plant already has made negative impacts on livelihoods of fisher-folks, shellfish collectors, and salt-makers. Expanding the power plant is deemed to create more damage on the livelihoods of these families and creates irreversible environmental pollution in the region. Adding to this, concerned residents who have voiced their concerns both on the streets and in court, are regularly harassed and threatened by other locals, local officials and in some cases the military. Further pursuing the project will continue to put these residents at risk.

 3. Contradictions with the Paris Agreement targets.

This project runs contrary to the Paris Agreement targets for a 1.5 degree scenario. Needless to say, coal is and will still be the greatest contributor to human-induced climate change, and proceeding with the project will allow this to go on for decades to come. This project has already been a target of heated protests at the Climate Change Conferences and major banking institutions such as Credit Agricole have announced that they will no longer finance the project out of consideration for the climate.

 Once again, I urge you to withdraw any loans from this project. Otherwise, your name will be emblazoned on an illegal project with human rights violation and which contradicts international agreements on climate change. Please reconsider the loan disbursement.


Sincerely yours


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